I am often asked about likeness. In the modelling process I try not to be seducted too much and too early on likeness and details,  but keep focus on the inner structure of the sculpture. At some point, once the artwork takes shape, the likeness falls into place by itself. My ambition is for the work of art to be able to stand alone long after, and far away from the model. Worthwhile viewing whether you knew the person or not. At the same time a buste is the ultimate perpetuation. Not a snapshot, but a concentration of my impressions, of 1000 expressions from numerous angles. Thats why they never smile. Nobody smiles for more than a moment. Sitting for me, the person falls into rest. The genesis of a portrait is a cooperation between the people involved, and that is part of the pleasure and eternal challenge of the work. I am satisfied when the personality shines through to everyones satisfaction.  However a portrait is never a copy of a person. Here are som examples with model & result.